provides a service to cycling clubs to help manage a club race program. This include maintaining a race schedule, assigning officials and helpers to races and keeping a record of race results. Club officials are able to log in to the website and manage the races for their own club.

The race listing service is provided free of charge to any club. Services relating to race results are at the moment only offered to the Waratah Masters club but we expect to be able to offer these as a premium offering to clubs in future.

General User Guide

The main page of the site shows a summary of the races scheduled by all clubs in the next two weeks. Each race provides a link to a page showing the full details of the race.

The Race page shows all of the details of the race. This includes sign-on time, start time and a map of the race location. There may also be a textual description of the race and a link to a club website with more details.

At the top of every page on the site is the navigation bar which contains the main navigation links for the site. The link always takes you back to the home page. The Races link takes you to a page that shows all of the future races scheduled by all clubs. The Clubs link takes you to a page that links to all of the clubs that are listing races on the website.

The Club page for an individual club contains a summary of the upcoming races for that club and links to a page that shows all of the races that they have scheduled. The page will also contain a link to the club website if this has been entered into the system.

If the club is using Cabici to manage race results, the club page will also contain a link to a Race Results page.

The Race Results page contains links to past races that have stored results. These are organised by year and shown with the most recent results first. Clicking on a race in the results table shows the race page that includes all of the race details but also the race results at the bottom of the page. Results are organised by grade and only the riders who placed in the grade are shown.

In the race results listing, clicking on the name of a rider will show a page listing some details about the rider, including their grading and a list of their recent results.

Logging In

At the top of each page there is a link to a Login page for the site. There are two cases when you might want to login to Cabici: firstly if you are a club official, secondly if you are a rider who’s name appears in one of the race results.

To login you need to set a password for your account via the Forgot Password process. Here you enter your email address and a password recovery link will be sent to you. If you have a rider record on the site then you need to use the email address that we have for you. This will be the one you used for CA membership or one that you gave when you signed up to race with Waratahs one day. If your email address doesn't get recognised, please get in touch with me ( to sort it out.

Login via Strava and Facebook has been removed for now. It was a bit confusing and wasn't adding any value in the end. We might re-introduce social logins in future when we have more use for them.

Why do you need my email address?

At the current time we use your email address only to identify you and link you to your rider record. This record is created when a club enters a race result for you or uploads a list of its members and will usually contain at least your name, Cycling Australia licence number and email address but may also contain your address and emergency contact details. If your email address matches a rider we know about, we’ll link that to your account. You can then update your contact details if you wish to do so.

In future we may provide more services for users who are registered with our system, for example sending out reminders of events or allowing clubs to send reminders to their members. If we do this, you will have the option of opting out of any email messages from Cabici.

If you have more than one email address and use different address with Strava/Facebook and your club or Cycling Australia, then we won’t be able to match your account up with your rider record automatically. If this is the case, please contact to request that your account be linked; in future we’ll work out how to let you do this yourself.

Your Rider Page.

Once you have logged in, you should see a link with your name and a ‘user’ icon at the top right of the page. This link goes to your rider page on the site that contains your personal details and race results. This is the same page that you can see for other riders, but contains all of the personal information we know about you. You should also see a button (next to the Personal Details heading) that will allow you to edit some of these details. You can’t edit things like your CA Licence number or your grade, but you can update any of the contact information that we hold on behalf of your club.